Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recycled and Reclaimed

Last year during a March Madness contest I was searching for a way to recycle or reclaim something and make it into something else.. something new, better. I became intrigued with the idea and even after the contest was over, I couldn't completely stop thinking about it. I wanted to make a difference or at least lessen my personal impact and offer buyers a chance to do the same. Since my forte is crochet, I started with the fibers I use in Melanie's Closet.
I've found a handful of Etsy vendors who carry recycled and reclaimed yarn. I love the prices and Oh, some of the yarn is pretty enough that I want to reach in the screen and squish. I've got two orders coming so far, one is a lovely two-tone red merino from Spiny Norman Knits. I've discovered a deep satisfaction in working with light weight yarns, the delicacy and minute perfection of a finished item is worth the strained eyes and tender fingertips.
The second is a deep navy blue wool from Yarn Again. It's weight wasn't specified, but I am always up for a surprise. Especially a wool surprise. I suspect it's a sport or maybe worsted and I love working with those as well.
Lastly, I got such a great deal that I have to share. On Spots Corner, I found someone auctioning off 15 ounces of lace weight wool. I won it... for $5. You read correctly. Two skeins of concord purple that's oh, so soft, one of a wheat/pale brown with a smooth sheen and silky feel to it, and one more of a vivid red that I think is lambswool. The red is most certainly reclaimed as it still has the waves in it from being knit/crocheted and then frogged to make a skein once more. I'm so inspired by the idea of giving new life to once-loved yarns. I even reclaimed a sweater I found at a local thrift store. I got it for a steal, it was $4 I think and it was 50% off day. It was a pale mint color and needed some TLC to get it smelling fresh and wooly-clean. But it's a heavenly soft angora/cashmere blend and I love it.
Melanie's Closet on Hyena Cart is back open and I am so happy, but I think I could be happier when I start using mainly recycled yarns. With a few vendors on Etsy and various thrift stores in the area, I think I could really make a go of it. I'm excited to try out the yarns that are speeding to me right now and then I want to move on to some cotton and possibly silk.

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