Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crochet gloves

Time has passed far faster than I expected it to and I'm trying to catch up and get things in order. I was away visiting family for a while and the morning after arriving home again I fell sick. It's nearly better, thank goodness for copious amounts of vitamin C being available over the counter, am I right?
I am sure that it was the constant chill I had while I was away that contributed to my catching a bug. My father's house was by far the coldest, but my Nanny's house has always been a chill-box and we make sure to bring flannel pj's and slippers/socks even in the summer. Those two places were cold enough, but we are unused to the amount of moisture in the Rogue Valley after 5 years in the high desert and we stayed cold for our entire visit.
I made my youngest sister a pair of wool slippers since dad's house is so cold and while I was there my stepmom became infatuated with a pair of fingerless gloves in purple mohair that I made a couple of years ago. They look delicate since they're made from cobweb lace, but they are surprisingly warm and she LOVES purple. I had already been thinking that they no longer matched my wardrobe, I was going to replace them so I just gave them to her while I was there. I didn't tell either my stepmom of sister how to care for wool, I hope they don't felt them too soon.
I had a half made glove in my knitting bag from the trip but being sick from Monday morning til this afternoon, I didn't do anything with it til tonight. I got two fingers finished before I realized it might be smart to make both gloves at the same time since I am using my own pattern and all. Fortunately it's easy to do with this pattern as the yarn is broken with each finger's completion.
Once the pattern is completed and I've checked my work again, I'll post it on my blog. It's made in a very similar pattern to my fingerless gloves, an alternating shell and sc stitch and the thumb gusset increases are made the same way as with my other pattern, but the cuff is ribbed and instead of a picot edging... well. Fingers. It IS a glove after all.
My latest projects are finished - a half dozen oreos and a trio of cloches with a different colored flower for each. I just got a package of yarn for another round of hackey sacks and I'm looking forward to getting started on them. These are only the paid projects, of course. I'm like that cousin who works on cars - always busy doing things for free. Mot that I mind, I'm flattered and I love a good yarny thing. Before I came home I was asked for two mobius scarves like the one I made myself. One in tan and one in green. Got to say, I love them and they are super easy so I's looking forward to them. I'll post a couple of variations of it here on my blog as great one skein, quick-finish gifts.