Thursday, April 9, 2009

My reclaimed yarn stash so far

Not counting the green wool I reclaimed myself, this is the sum of my reclaimed yarn. I got the last one today, so now I can share a complete picture.
I got the purple, red, and tan from Spots Corner on Hyena Cart, from a woman who bought them on eBay and was dissatisfied with them one they arrived. Great deals there sometimes! The purple is a lace weight and a slightly deeper color, more concord than grape candy. Next comes the tan sock weight with a twist of a golden thread and cream tweedy bits throughout. SO soft and fuzzy, I love this yarn so much. After that is the vivid red. It really is that bright, lol. This yarn is somewhere between fingering and sport weight and I suspect it's lambswool. The dark colored yarn is a worsted weight, deep, dark, navy blue that borders on black. It has a nice plump squish to it that I adore in a wool and I found it on Yarn Again on Etsy. Last, but by no means least, there is a lovely couple of skeins of merino in fingering/sport weight. It's two shades, a plum red and an apple red twisted together and I found it on Spiny Norman Knits, also on Etsy. Oh, the things I envision making with these yarns!!
I would be happy to consider suggestion if you have any. I may reject them outright in favor of naming and snuggling them for the rest of my days. It could go either way.

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