Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reclaimed yarn

This is my reclaimed yarn soaking up some sun and drying. Pretty, right?

I had been recycling wool for a while now, cutting up sweaters to make smaller tops or pants or shoes for the kids. Makes cloth diapering so much cheaper and easier - not to mention cuter.
So last night I was cutting up a few sweaters I had in storage and I realized one of the sweaters was knitted in sections and sewn together, not cut into shape and serged together. This meant that I could trim the seams carefully and pull the yarn to be washed and reused in other projects. Oh, happy day! I had been nervous of trying to before, but this time I plunged in headfirst.
I should probably have thought it through, lol. It took a couple of hours to rip the seams and unravel the yarn. But the hard part was the winding. I didn't really plan ahead and I had to wind it three times. Then wash it. I got it done, though , and I can't wait to use it! I could easily have spent $40 in a yarn shop for the wool I have now. It weighs nearly 2 pounds and is angora/cashmere blend. I get giddy just looking at it.

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