Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tie Front Top

I enjoy crocheting clothing and this was particularly fun. It was easy to follow, easy to make since it only had two stitches, it was plain enough that it could be dressed up with flowers or a funky edging, something to make it unique, but it was pretty enough to be worn without any additions. The sizing was just about spot-on, and it was easy to adjust the gauge to accommodate my rather larger-than-size-large self. Since it went to large and I needed a 2x-3x, I simply used the gauge given and my measurements to make it my size. It was really VERY easy.
There was a negative - the edges of the front were too far apart and didn't even cover half my breast. It felt oddly like being on display even though I was perfectly modest, lol. So I added 2 inches of edging to the neckline and fronts, now it's just right.
No pictures of me in it since, after all, I did just tell you I was plus sized. My husband and kids thought it was rather nice, though, so I must have gotten it right!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A shawl for spring

Since I usually cast around and then don't finish a project -or even start it sometimes- I decided to make it and then tell you all about it. All of the 2 people who read this blog. (thanks by the way)
I started a Pineapple Shawl. I got the pattern on Ravelry, of course. It's crochet and I am using a reclaimed fingering/dk weight yarn, a reclaimed merlot colored lambswool. It went together really fast, I did about 3 hours of work on it Friday and about 3 more on Saturday. Today I have to finish the current row of edging and start the last row, then work in the ends and block it. It went much faster than reclaiming the darned sweater! (get it, darned... hehe)

It's not quite as long on me as it is on the model, but I am bigger than she is and using a smaller yarn. It covers my shoulders and 3/4 of my upper arm. I love the way it hugs my neck and drapes in the front.
I might have to make a couple more for friends as a spring gift.
I still have no camera, so my pictures are dependent on Mike's camera being available to me and of my knowing how to use it.