Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I got a present!!!

So I signed up to get one. I am in a swap on Granola Chicks, used to be RAK til we all realized it wasn't random if you planned and organized it.
Mike came home from work with a white package under his arm with my name on it. I was startled that it seemed firm and round but rattled when I shook it. Why I shook it, I dunno. It was the thing to do?
I double checked the address. Nope, still no memory of buying this rattly round thing. In a flash of brilliance, it occurred to me then "OH, I should open it!!!"

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I love them! Made my day a little shinier. Not gold lame dress with a ruffle kind of shiny, but shiny none the less. Someone knows me well.

Update time

So, I'm still sick as a dog. My dogs never seem sick (other than that one time... shudder) Funny enough, I was thinking of that particular time last night. I was getting my nightly Migraine from Hell and I thought to myself " I wonder if it's a sign of how low I've come that I am tempted to take the dog's anti-nausea meds?"
Mike says "Yes, yes it is. Leave them alone."

Oh. I think I may have thought my thought aloud. Whoopsie. That would be a side of myself I just adore people peeking at. I should have remembered from my hospital visits that I talk while in pain.

My list of complaints -
both extremes in the poo department
coughing, hacking, sneezing
ears clogged
ears draining each night in an itchy, insane way
feet and hands swollen each night and each morning
rash. How could I forget the rash that makes me scratch private places in public places. Sure, my arms and belly aren't too bad, but who decided the patch of skin between my boobs was a good place for an itch?
followed by fatigue and sleepiness

The upside-
I'm losing weight (face it, if you've seen me you know this is a good thing)
I have no energy to yell, which makes the kids and husband happy, and saves my throat. It's already damaged from the perpetual coughing.
I can feel 8.5 of my toes again.
My clothing and shoes are getting nearly no wear and tear put on them.
my brain still works.
I found a neat reaction to share with the kids when I take my cough medicine. full body shudders and a face that could make strangers use me as an example to their kids of how "it got stuck that way".
My brother-in-law just said "hey, do that again" giggle. Riiiiiight.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am a little obsessed. I adore socks, especially funky or unusual ones. I have 6 pair of toe socks with stripes or tie dye or flowers and one even has the word Alaska. I've never been, they were a gift from Mike since he knows how to keep me happy. :)
I found a site that I am drooling over. Oh, to be flush with cash. $200 should do it. I especially love Super Ms. Anyone who loves me should buy me a pair. Seriously though, I am tall and large, it's not easy for me to find ANY socks for a 5 foot 8 inch tall woman who wears size 11 shoe and size 22 pants. go search for them. No, I'll wait, it's ok. See what I mean? Difficult. Even when I do find a pair, they are expensive.
Pity-me approach not working? What about bribery? I'll crochet or knit a pair of mittens or fingerless gloves for anyone who'll send me a pair of Super M, size large. No questions asked. I like Charcoal, Walnut, Natural, Dark Red, and Plum. Who am I kidding, I like them all! This has to be one of my top 10 websites, after Granola Chicks and Engrish, but ahead of Etsy and Damn Interesting.

Hey, if the owner of Socks Dreams sees this - don't you think that I deserve a pair on the house? You know, for promoting your site and hey, it would be an awesome chance for a review! (Aren't I shameless?)
They have so much great stuff, look around. Reply here and tell me what you like the best! After all, I hate shopping alone.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh, toil and toil again

I have no pics right now. I will! But since the kids and I have been sick for a while now (darn cold seemed to be going away and then came back worse overnight) I am about a week behind on my schedule. I have cut my precious Granola Chicks time down to the breaks I give myself at lunch and dinner. In the evenings I simply take my crochet and sit in front of the computer since I am addicted to SurftheChannel - thanks a bunch Lin. Like I needed a new way to spend my time.

Rupert is getting bigger and unwieldy. Thankfully his un-named sister, the lovely teal afghan, is made in squares and assembled before a border is added. Easy to do and a nice break from the stripes. Don't misunderstand. I love Rupert. If I could keep him I would, we're bonding. It's just that sometimes my arms or eyes get tired from going all stripey-back-and-forthy with such a heavy blanket. The Cat Pillow is undergoing a painful frogging right now and as soon as I have more stuffing for it (children wanted a snow fight. 'Nuff said, m'kay?) I will be working more on the assembly. There is a nice pile of sponges and scrubbies and toy food in a box in the living room, too. Where the mischievous and crafty short people can't reach it of course. About 5 years ago we were invaded by a short person and then two more.... now they knock things over and draw on clean surfaces, eat my crayons and when I'm not looking, steal liquid soap, knitting needles, fabric shears, steak knives from the dishwasher, and the batteries from the remote. Oh, and my camera. I can't forget THAT.

Back to yarn. I just got a nice bundle of pretty yarn in a package today. It was intensely scented with eucalyptus oil which while a little overwhelming, was of benefit as 4 of the 5 of us have been sick.
Black and purple and pink swirls, oh, my! I had to make a few adjustments to the fingerless glove pattern because of my man hand size, the bang up job I did on the thumb gusset (sarcasm) and the penchant my boys have for wearing one green knit fingerless glove while drawing or playing on the computer.