Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pretty Posy of Bobby Pins

I love doing fun things with my hair and one day I was window shopping online and came across some silk flower hair pins. They are definitely my style, but since I crochet, my thoughts quickly turned to how I could make some in crochet. Since I am using average size bobby pins, thread was the way to go. I used a size 7 hook, DMC or size 10 thread, average bobby pins in black and brown, and a hot glue gun. I didn't find mine after recently moving, so I bought one. Don't worry, not spendy! The minigun was only $2.49 and the mini glue sticks were the same price. I didn't even really need the glue because the flowers stayed on ok alone, but these pictured are going to be worn by children.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I finished it!

I actually remembered to take pictures this time. I never seem to remember that. The color is a little off, don't know what I did wrong but it's more the color of a scrub jay, not a grape. The pattern was a bit tricky for a few rows but then it got easy and repetative so I could finish it while watching From Russia With Love and not miss a stitch. I took two full days to make this, grabbing yarny-time whenever thte kids and pets (and Mike) would let me. Fast AND gorgeous, I think I'm in love. *wink wink*
Look at the cool mum-like detailing. This pattern was created as a crochet version of Kool Haas, a gorgeous knit hat.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hats are the thing

Fall has been over in our neck of the woods since October 2nd, and winter was making itself felt. Poor Winter must have felt ignored because there was a snow fall yesterday and today that really illustrates how 'fall' is an apt description. The dogs were out for a few hours and I panicked when I stepped outside to call them in and couldn't see them in the snow. They did finally hear me calling and startled me because I was looking for them to come running, not pop out of the piles of snow directly in front of me.
Today Mike needed to go to the bank and then check the mail... of course we needed snow chains. Ahh, the habits of winter. Getting bundled up to go outside, putting on chains to check the mail, Keeping the dogs in the house for the greater part of the day to avoid frostbitten pads.
In keeping with the weather, the next thing on my list of projects - HATS. Amazing how much a little boy's noggin can grow over the summer. I don't have a pattern picked out for those three quite yet. Mike needs a new driving hat, too, since that 30 miles drive to work can get COLD. I think I have a good pattern in mind for him. Of course I';; have to adjust the dimesions a smidge, but the Boy's Crochet hat from Coats and Clark is good and simple, but cool looking.
I've already started on a new hat for myself last night, the crocheted version of the koolhaas. It's called the Diamond Ridges hat and while it was a little hard getting the first 7 rows right, the rest is easy as could be and I should be done today if the kids and pets can stop needing me desperately for an hour or so.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mini purse swap, here I come!

I am getting started on a project for a swap group I joined on Ravelry. Shocker, ME doing a swap. Hahaha.
The Mini Purse Swap is going to be so much fun! I have a ton of reclaimed yarn I want to use and so many cute patterns out there. The only problem is that the person I am sending to has a severe cat allergy.... and I got two cats over the summer. She says as long as I don't crochet a purse for her from cat dander and hairballs, I should be ok. LMAO, all righty then, time to get started! It needs to be sent by December 4th, so I have plenty of time. I did mention I am fast, right?
I'm thinking of making a variation of bag no. 2793 from Free Vintage Crochet. It could be so cute and since my partner likes bright colors, I am going to make it a felted red lambswool with some contrasting color. I was thinking black, but the only black I have is in cotton. Might have to rethink it.

I'm going to love making this and buying stuffin's to put inside, too.
When that is done I have half a sleeve for a green cotton gauntlet to finish and then I want to start on that crossword puzzle purse for my Nanny. OH, and a purse for a dear friend, as well.