Saturday, November 6, 2010

Things have a way of cropping up

My notebook, Marcie, has died. She fought bravely through being dropped, stepped on, cords brutally severed, connectors broken, ballpoint pen graffiti, overheating by fleece blanket, and Dove body wash being poured into her keyboard. Sadly, she lost her battle early one morning when I was surfing eBay. The screen blanked suddenly and when I restarted it, all I got was a message that said GRUB load error.
Mike did his best, but no dice. Thankfully Black Friday is coming up and I can get a replacement.
Of course, this means that my cell phone had to die also. I was in bed pitying myself (did I mention I've had a nasty cold for going on 3 weeks? I'm very happy to say I'm much better, but not completely over it as of today) I tried to text my husband and the phone refused to recognize the WiFi. I tried Netflix, no go as well. mike's laptop worked downstairs, though... weird. I unplugged and restarted all the things I was told to by my tech savvy husband (thanks sweetheart) and the phone still said "Ppffffth" in my general direction. At one point it screamed "SIM crashed!"
Been my month, right? LOL.
On the upside, I have had a good month as far as crochet is concerned! Yesterday I finished a bundle of hacky sacks I've been working on for Bridgette, I found a great pattern for a top made with motifs, and I'm trying out a pattern for a newsboy cap, if you are a Ravelry member it's called the Mikey Cap. OK, so it's knit, not crochet, but it seems pretty easy and I like the look of it.