Monday, April 20, 2009

Another afghan for Nanny

I figured, since she has two of the old and beaten up 'ghans that need replacing and I've only made one so far, why not do the job completely and make two? I love the one I already made, but it took a lot of of pain from my poor fingertips to make all those cables and reverse single crochets and knotted fringe. Not to mention it was heavy ... and I'm a wuss. So I needed to try something different. I'll get a picture tonight after I finish it. It came together very easily once I got the right center for it. I had tried three different patterns to start with and one of them, a dolphin jumping out of the waves, I had to try twice before I called "Uncle".
This time I found a free, pretty, filet pattern of flowers here for the center. It ended up being more of a rectangle than a square, but I added a wide edging of V-and-crossover stitch on both long sides and a slightly thinner edge in an offset shell stitch on the short sides.
I just finished two rows of double crochet all the way 'round and I am currently trying to decide what to do next. My goal is to get it roughly square and about the same size as the first afghan and I am nearly there. Yippee! I hope she likes them. i am always confident and pleased with what I've made til it comes time to give/mail it. then I get nervous and start second guessing myself. Is it really as finished as I think it is, or is my own opinion a little funky? (yes, that happens often.) Are they going to like it? Is it the right size? Will it sit in a closet unused, will it be tossed to Goodwill or given away? I love every one of my crochet creations and I make things to be used... after all, what's the point if it can't be pretty AND useful? Logically, I know it's a good blanket, both are. Emotionally, I know my Nanny and she'll love it. She might even giggle and I love her giggle, she sounds a little wicked when she does it, lol. But as a hooker, I can't help being nervous. It never changes and I've been doing it for 18 years now.

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