Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's harder than though tot to do a give away

I've finished up the stuff I have lined up for a give away. Easy.
I've started a Facebook page for Melanie's Closet. Not quite as easy, but I didn't explode.
Pictures... Well, a bit harder still since my children absconded with my USB cord. Again.
But the hardest part is the freaking RULES. I make stuff in crochet. I want to bring attention to my little endeavour by giving away a couple free samples of what I make. Sounds simple right? But if I'm broke and can't afford to restart a store on Etsy or Hyena Cart then it's not as simple. I've read the rules to giveaways on Facebook and it boils don't to one idea: DON'T.
I'm told by a WAHM friend that I can officially do the giveaway on my blog then *talk* about it on Facebook to garner interest. I'm a little less confident now. I really don't want to get in trouble or bite off more than I can figuratively chew. Why is it so hard to give away cute creations? Shouldn't that be the easy part?
Tomorrow I'm making myself get it done. If I fail, I fail, but I need to try. It's always too easy to give up or make excuses to walk away before I give it a real shot.
Truth is, I'm good at crochet and I love it. That should be enough motivation, right?

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