Saturday, July 23, 2011

I want this t-shirt, I really do.

I started a Facebook page for Melanie's Closet and I'm attempting my first give-away in hopes it will get me more exposure and in turn more business. Being that I haven't given anything away before - unless you believe my husband, in which case I give away everything I make -I figured it couldn't hurt to check out other giveaways. I Googled 'crochet give away' and this great t-shirt came up. I love tossing into conversation that I hook for spare cash, especially fun I tell people I learned it from my mom and grandmother. This shirt would be just the best thing ever! I want to win it so bad I'm actually doing all of the extra entry rigamarole, I HATE doing that.
In case you're reading this and you're genuinely interested in buying hand crocheted goodies, here is my Facebook page:

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