Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh the weather!

We don't get warm weather til the end of what's commonly referred to as spring.... Spring here being less snowfall and the occasional melt-and-refreeze. This is fine by me, I love love love the snow and see it as an even trade off for a normal growing season. Especially since it give me a constant supply of goodies to make. Hehe.
I feel like I always say how busy I am and how sorry I am to neglect my poor blog, but I think all of you know this by now and repeating it is simply becoming an irritation, both to any readers I have and to myself. This time I'm not going to say it.... Other than the part where I already said it. That doesn't count.
I'm a mom. A full time, stay at home, homeschooling mom to three boys under the age of 9. I think that alone gives me reason to not keep up daily with my little blog, but then being so into my hobbies takes up the rest of my time. Can you tell I'm working on taking time for myself without making excuses?
On to more crochet! Right now I'm crocheting a skirt but as it gets longer I'm less and less happy with the way it hangs and e size of the spaces in the work. I fear it's doomed to be frogged, poor thing. I'll make up for it by finding an even better pattern for it ;)
Next, I'm finishing up a jacket pattern I found on, vintage inspired swing style. I am reclaiming a white acrylic sweater just for this project. 6 ply worsted with a K hook. The pattern called for Vannas Cotton Ease and an I hook, but I needed it to be a bigger size. I've made the back and 3/4 of the front and so far it's looking good. Cross your fingers that I got the measurements right because this would be waaaaay too much work to have to redo the whole shebang. I keep forgetting I'm a different size and shape.

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