Monday, May 4, 2009

Reclaiming yarn again

I went to my favorite thrift store on Saturday and there was a 50% off green tags sale. I got 11 sweaters for for $21. So far I've reclaimed two full sweaters, one is a bright blue and had the most annoying epaulette-style shoulder patches and they took HOURS to unstitch. 31 ounces of wool from that one!
The next sweater was a soft lambswool, 20 ounces of a more earthy blue color, like the breast of a Blue Jay, 6 ounces of darker blue like the crest of the bird and then .8 ounces of a pale oatmeal color.
Right now, I am about a 1/3 through frogging and balling a lovely moss green cotton in fingering weight. There are firm plans for the green cotton :)
I'll have to get pictures of the whole steal and the balls of yarn I've worked so hard for already. I've already gotten enough yarn from the sweaters so far to more than pay for the total purchase.

OK, ladies and gentlemen, here is the picture I promised. My yarn from 4 sweaters. All balls are wound, labeled with fiber content, yarn weight, weight by ounce, and color name. What... I was nowhere near organized enough last time.

And here is all of it stacked neatly. Just because I like to see things clearly labeled and neatly stacked. It doesn't happen in my house anymore and I miss it. Just let me have this moment.

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