Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A New Sock Project!

I need to update because I made it once and it was too small, then again and it was too big, so this time I had a different size hook and adjusted the pattern a smidge and so far it seems to be right on gauge. Back to the toe now and my next step is the LDC... after I clean more. I am crazy cleaning freak right now because of the house junk going on. Tired of it, soooooo tired of it. Socks later, held in reserve to bring back the sanity when the kids and house get to be too much.

I am a hooker, plain and simple. I crochet very well, but my knitting is passable sometimes, atrocious at others. I love socks and I have tried to knit myself a pair so many times..... so many.... *sniffle*. I can't. I just can't. I can managed kids or babies socks, but not mine. The obvious plan is to crochet a pair, right?

Take a good look at the crochet sock patterns out there. They are more like slippers or boots. Ribbing in crochet is for looks only, no good at all if you are looking for something that will hold up a cuff. I stumbled onto a pattern I liked the look of, Heart and Sole crocheted socks. I love the effect that linked double crochet has on the sole of the sock and the light, open look of the front. It's simple and easy to follow and I have plenty of fingering weight wool for the project.
I'm finished with the toe and halfway up the length so far, wish me luck!


Becky said...

Let me know how it goes, I'm having a little sockphobia myself and could use the encouragement :)

Melanie said...

well.... I want to be positive so I'll put it this way. This pattern has taught me a valuable lesson - look for an ankle-down sock versus toe-up. With our Nana-ankles, the toe up style in crochet is too tight at the heel. It looks great before I wear it, very pretty pattern.