Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ravelry is Wonderful

I know most of the people who actually read this blog (hi, mom!) are familiar with Ravelry. I love that place, but I have to admit to a shameful neglect... I used it only for the patterns. I know, I know! Bad Melanie.

As a way of making amends, I started joining more groups, slowly of course since I am not really a "join in" kind of girl, and my friend Dee from SweetPeace made it easier when she invited me to join Handmade RAK and RAKs. Yes, two groups. So far I have only sent one out - to a member of the Handmade RAK group. I made her a Swiffer cover and a coffee sleeve from her list and I loved them so much I made myself one yesterday while visiting. Visiting whom, you might ask? Good question! Smooth segue if I do say so myself.
One of the groups I joined on Ravelry was Oregon Knitters and Spinners. I have crocheted for years, but I do knit a little and though I am bad at it, I use a drop spindle that was a gift from Dee. She's great, don't you think? I owe her cookies.
I got an email after I joined the group, an invitation to come meet some of the local members, a group of three ladies who meet up in Sunriver a couple of times a week. I couldn't make the first meeting On Sunday because of Mike's return from Vegas being so late/early. I wasn't sure I would make the Tuesday meeting either because DH needs the van (only vehicle) for work. He was sweet enough to take off a little early so that I could make it to the group! Maybe I owe him cookies as well.
They were so nice, I really enjoyed spending time with them. Two of them were spinning which was so much fun to watch, and one was knitting. I felt a little out of place with crochet, but I think that was just me. I got more than half finished with my Swiffer cover while I was there and DH & the kids enjoyed wandering through the library.
I had only been in a group like that before with Mom and my Kirsten. I suppose it was nearly the same thing. They are both members of Ravelry, too, but we met in my house and brought husbands and my kids and usually stayed for coffee and dinner.
I miss you both! I wish you were here.
Back to yarny stuff... the Swiffer cover patterns* I found were for the green Swiffers. I don't know if there is a difference that matters, but mine is purple. I tried on the cover and it fits, so I think I'll try it tonight and see if it works. If it does, I'll make some for my grandmother. She loves her Swiffer, but hates how often she has to change the pads and rinses them out in the sink. LOL, yes the disposable pads. I figure this will be something she would love. She won't know what to do with herself when I give her the presents I've amassed (such as her afghans) over the months since I've seen her. I saw her in November, I think it was. Been too long.
Heather, LeAnn, Shirley, it was good to meet you three and I am looking forward to seeing you again at the next meeting!

* - the patterns I found were mostly free Ravelry downloads, but if you aren't a member, this is a good pattern and it's available free on Craft Stylish .com.

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