Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What happened to Mary Jane?

I have never felted anything, so this week I thought to myself "what a good project to try out!" OK, so I never purposely felted anything. I once felted a med-small diaper cover on accident (how was I to know it was in the laundry hamper?) and had to sell it as a doll cover. It was a sad time.
I used Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted in country blue to make a pair of Mary Jane style slippers. They were super easy to work up, but the felting is proving harder. They are now a pretty light color that is nearer teal than country blue, my wash water is murky like a pool in a 50's movie and the slippers keep felting at different rates. Thank goodness I took it to heart when I was told to check every couple of minutes.

I wish I had my camera for this, but since I don't, you'll have to take my word for it til I a)find said camera or b)break down and use my crappy cell phone.
It took about 4 hours to make the slippers and it's been one hour of felting to get it down to size. I plan to add a crocheted flower to the strap later, once it's dried. Why? Because the pattern has flowers on it and darn it, they would look cute. Yeah, you heard me, I want them to be CUTE. I'll be making another pain ion acrylic for the fun of it and if it works well, I might make a couple as gifts.

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