Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Piggy Paints

A friend of mine on a mothering forum, SweetPeace, told me about a friends of hers who was starting a review blog. I checked it out as a favor to her, but I quickly came to love this blog. She has some of the COOLEST stuff! The latest was Piggy Paints, a non toxic, odorless, water based, hypoallergenic finger nail polish. It comes in the best colors (I've never been very average or subdued in my choice of polish colors and her stuff is right up my alley) and is safe for little kids who put their fingers in their mouths.
Not only do I love it for those reasons, but for education ones as well. How is nail polish education you say? Fine motor skill practice, coordination, color recognition and depending on the age of the child, it's a very effective example of being able to enjoy the girly fun of nail painting without having to use toxic and unnatural products.
I have 6 nieces and I know they and their moms would love this stuff. I plan on getting some.... for them, too.
This one is my current favorite gift set. I love the colors.
Dandelion Dance is a rich golden yellow, Dragon Tears is a delicate pale green, and Glass Slipper is a soft creamy white color. I love them.

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