Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sewing Machine Saga

This year, my DH has promised we can use part of the tax return to fix one of my sewing machines. Yes, ONE of them.Here is the saga of my sewing machines...

I had a Singer my dad found in a dumpster at work one day and hauled out, had it cleaned and repaired and then gave to me as a surprise. It was bulky and square-ish and a yellowed avacado green, but it was all mine. It was literally one of the sweetest things I think he ever did. It stopped working, I have no idea why. Knowing this, my MIL bought me a nice Brother sewing machine. This one was white. It wasn't her fault that the model she bought had a common fault with the machinery and broke 7 months into owning it. It costs nearly as much to get it fixed as to buy a new one and we were totally broke so that one stayed broken. On a Black Friday sale the year after that, my DH found a VERY basic Kenmore machine in a pretty light blue color (doesn't even have left/center/right stitching option)to get me by til we could afford to fix one of my better machines.
That Kenmore is now 4 years old and has been through a series of unfortunate events, including grape juice in the inner workings, being dropped, not once, but twice, and the cord to the pedal being cut by a curious child (was unplugged). Little survivor that it was, it made it through all that. It's final insult was inflicted sometime in the last two months. I was so busy with hooks and needles and yarn that I ignored it. Last night I tried to make curtains for my kitchen windows only to find that the kids have broken and lost the spool holder. When I finally bid it farewell, it will be with bittersweet feelings. Sad to have lost such a little trooper, but glad that it's life of being overworked and abused is past.

I ended up basting a loop on a piece of fabric to slide the curtain rod through and left it all ragged and uneven. It's awful, but I really needed the curtains up for privacy's sake. I plan to take them down and do the job properly once I have my machine fixed.
I have a project list that is growing by the minute now. The baby needs more diaper covers (knitting in the meantime) I want to make some soft shoes, a couple of headbands for me, a skirt, and some lounge pants.

My crochet hook is resting for the moment while I knit a Tiny Birds soaker for my littlest man. I love that pattern, it fits him so well. After that, my oldest boy has requested a snake 15 inches long. "Made with the two, not the one" which I can only assume means knit, not crochet. He also specified that it be 8 inches wide, but I have talked him out of that. What a grotesque critter that would be!
My hands are full for the near future since he has also asked for a cat pillow (Thanks Krys, I'm sure I'll lose a finger this time) cupcakes, cookies, more cookies and a snuggie. Sewn, of course. LMAO. A yarn snuggie. Ridiculous.

I'll also be getting a replacement camera if mine doesn't appear soon... that will make my posts here much prettier, I think. Don't you?

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