Monday, January 19, 2009

The Snake and The Stain

My oldest son requested a snake a long time ago and I never seemed to have the time til today. He's really rather non agressive and if you flip him on his back he looks dead. Mick really loves that about him.

Last night I finished my youngest son's soaker. I was going to sew one but found my machine broken, again. Since we can't get it fixed til the tax return gets here and the boy had outgrown his other covers, I decided to make it from yarn. I knit this time even though I normally crochet, because I wanted it to be thinner, smoother and take less yarn. I love the colors, blue and green are so good together. So what if they aren't the average blue or green, they look pretty to me.
I felt compelled to try duplicate stitch for the first time, too. I've wanted to learn it since it became clear that I sucked beyond saving when trying intarsia.
I'm not too good at duplicating yet, but I have the feeling I'll get better.

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