Friday, October 31, 2008

Here are the Fingerless Gloves!

I finished winding and washing and balling the yarn. Hooray!

I could have made 8 balls, but I started getting too lazy and just made them in increasingly larger sizes. I think the last one was 5.5 ounces. I used that largest one to start on my Fingerless Gloves, so you won't see it pictured. There is something so fine about yarn all lined up in a row, don't you think?

As my first project with this yarn, I chose Fingerless Gloves. They are awfully cute, but you can see why crochet is my area of expertise, NOT knitting.

The thumb gusset looks oddly patched on and the ribbing lumpy. This I expected because after all, *I* made them. My biggest complaint is that they aren't the right SIZE. I consistently forget that I have man hands and must change the pattern to fit them. Dang it all. One more row of ribbing would be nothing at all to add, but now I'm 3/4 done with them both. I may have to give them away - to someone who appreciates a rustic, unstudied look to their knitting.

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