Thursday, October 9, 2008

I could cry

Really, I've done it before and I'd do it again. The problem? Takes a bit of set-up, be patient.

The lovely deep teal afghan in the Spring Breeze square and the oh, so warm and cuddly Rupert The Striped Afghan are going to slow down a bit. I bought about 1/3 of the yarn I needed because it was so much cheaper to get at a local store than ordering it online, but the store doesn't carry as much as I need all at once. I figured, they have carried the same colors for years and it's only a couple of months til the blankets will be at their new home, so it should be fine.


I started to run low on a color, I stopped by the store and found all of the racks of the chosen yarn red tagged and mostly empty. Oh, sure, there was the occasional neon pink and a couple of dirty white, but nothing I needed. I thought it must simply be a sale to make room for the new shipment.
Two weeks later and the sale is still on, the yarn has not been replenished and I am getting nervous. I priced another store and it was almost double the cost. I found Annie's Attic sells the colors I need, and only 40 cents more per skein than I quoted my customer, so I'll have to eat the cost of shipping and the extra yarn cost, but it'll be made. I really should have simply ordered all I needed to start with and this wouldn't be a problem. But NO, I had to be clever.
I hate waiting.


LinLori said...

I've been there. Situations like that are what help me to justify the purchase of copious and seemingly unnecessary amounts of yarn when it comes time to explain to the hubz.

Anonymous said...

:) If it's more I'll pay more! I don't mind!