Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh, toil and toil again

I have no pics right now. I will! But since the kids and I have been sick for a while now (darn cold seemed to be going away and then came back worse overnight) I am about a week behind on my schedule. I have cut my precious Granola Chicks time down to the breaks I give myself at lunch and dinner. In the evenings I simply take my crochet and sit in front of the computer since I am addicted to SurftheChannel - thanks a bunch Lin. Like I needed a new way to spend my time.

Rupert is getting bigger and unwieldy. Thankfully his un-named sister, the lovely teal afghan, is made in squares and assembled before a border is added. Easy to do and a nice break from the stripes. Don't misunderstand. I love Rupert. If I could keep him I would, we're bonding. It's just that sometimes my arms or eyes get tired from going all stripey-back-and-forthy with such a heavy blanket. The Cat Pillow is undergoing a painful frogging right now and as soon as I have more stuffing for it (children wanted a snow fight. 'Nuff said, m'kay?) I will be working more on the assembly. There is a nice pile of sponges and scrubbies and toy food in a box in the living room, too. Where the mischievous and crafty short people can't reach it of course. About 5 years ago we were invaded by a short person and then two more.... now they knock things over and draw on clean surfaces, eat my crayons and when I'm not looking, steal liquid soap, knitting needles, fabric shears, steak knives from the dishwasher, and the batteries from the remote. Oh, and my camera. I can't forget THAT.

Back to yarn. I just got a nice bundle of pretty yarn in a package today. It was intensely scented with eucalyptus oil which while a little overwhelming, was of benefit as 4 of the 5 of us have been sick.
Black and purple and pink swirls, oh, my! I had to make a few adjustments to the fingerless glove pattern because of my man hand size, the bang up job I did on the thumb gusset (sarcasm) and the penchant my boys have for wearing one green knit fingerless glove while drawing or playing on the computer.

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