Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three Day Auction for Granola Chicks

Granola Chicks is a great parenting forum. Its focus is on living naturally and raising children in an AP home, but it's a good place to find support no matter what choices you make for your home and children. Moms need other moms, right? Granola Chicks is in need of the funds to keep up and running. I am donating in the only way I can - through Melanie's Closet. Please share this auction with your friends! If you aren't a member of Granola Chicks, you can join up or you can participate in the auction through email or IM. for email and google chat.

I am offering a special deal right now, all proceeds will go to keeping our beloved GC open. First things first - the items up for auction.

Package #1- The kids will love this one. My kids love play food and I am constantly being requested to make them cookies, candy, dinners, and produce. This package will include 8 pieces of playfood, custom made and they will arrive in their own storage bag.

Package #2- A crocheted purse. You can get a new, unique bag AND help out your fellow GCers. There are a number of patterns avaliable and lining is optional. As a thank you, the bag will be holding a surprise or two when it gets to you.

Package #3- What if you don't need a new bag or toys for a child? This package is for you! You tell me what you want. Perfect for someone on your gift list this year or just to treat yourself. Any reasonable item (not a blanket, adult sweater, car cozy... you get the idea )

Rules, Regs, etc.

* This is a three day auction, starting at 9 am pacific.

* Bidding starts at $5, in increments of no less than 50 cents.

* Simply PM me with your bid and the package number you are bidding on, I'll update the thread with each bid.

* You can bid anonymously if desired.

* Please allow 2 to 3 weeks turnover.

* Unless there is an allergy, yarn fiber content is at my discrection.

PM me with any questions!

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