Friday, September 18, 2009

I needed a model

I have some living, breathing models but they're either too big for my stuff or too grown up to model something not masculine enough for their newfound Big Kid attitudes. Sigh.
I had three options~
1) have another child
2) take someone else's child
3) crochet a baby body

Seeing as how I already have a nice collection of kids and I'd like to avoid jail, I went for door #3.
I made the baby about a 3-6 month size for clothes and totally screwed up the legs. The measurements I took were in order of age - and I mistakenly made the legs to fit the newborn measurements. What can I say, it was late and I was tired. So the brand new model is wearing a 3-6m crocheted hat, a 3-6m crocheted jacket, and nb knit socks. Oops. But isn't he/she cute? I'll be performing major surgery later on this week and giving the darling new legs.

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