Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I love this pattern!

So I talked about Dot's Little Ditty bag, a crochet pattern for a mini purse. I have made 4 of them now an all of them took me roughly an hour.. a few minutes less once I memorized it. Which, my fellow hookers, is EASY with this particular pattern.

I have been tempted to make so many additions or changes to it because the bag is basic, like a canvas waiting to be painted. I controlled myself. Mostly. The handle was too small for me, I have giant wrists and hands. So I extended the chain for the handle from 30 ch to 45 ch. It was just right. I even tested it out and it fits my full wallet, a bottle of eye drops and a chap stick. I'm sure I could have fit my keys in as well, but I wasn't driving. :)

I've loved this pattern for stash busting, it's a great gift (or gift bag) and it could be even nicer with stripes, an accent edging, a spray of flowers, a cute smiley face, buttons... etc. I could go on forever. Make it taller and it's a great wine bag, make the base circle bigger and then adjust the height to match and it could be a beautiful laptop case, book bag, or beach tote.
See what I mean? I controlled myself.
I also made a rippled cosmetics bag. Not as thrilled with this style but it ended up looking sort of like a flower and I think it would be perfect for one of my nieces to store her pretties.

I made my oldest niece a scarf and soon, a matching hat. Can you believe the gorgeous wool you can find at a thrift shop for $2? i got 4 balls of it, all for that price. Back to the scarf! It's my favorite crochet pattern for scarves and I found it at crochetme.com under the quirky title Zen and the Art of Stash Diving.

It's the most amazing thing I think I've made. No matter what yarn I use, it works. It can be any length or width or color or texture. It's FAST, too. I whipped one up while I was in labor, as a distraction. I think I'll always feel a bond to this pattern :)
Last but surely not least, I made a pair of slippers from a pattern in Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies. It's supposed to have a ribbon through the eyelets on the cuff, but I haven't gotten there yet. Mostly because I hate sealing the edges, that's a pain. But they're worth it, don't you think?


Lisa Johnston said...

You rock my wool socks! (well, if I had wool socks, you'd rock them!!)

Good job!

Christi said...

OOOOH looooove those slippers!!