Monday, July 13, 2009

Soft, and fuzzy, and mine - Oh my!

The Paradise skirt is underway again and about 6 inches long now. I'm not sure I'll have enough cotton so I may have to use another color for the top. Cross your fingers I don't because I don't think I have anything that would coordinate well with that salmon cotton.

While Mike watched the kids in the van, I took my oldest into a thrift store with me and cruised the sweaters. Being the time of year it is the trip was short because a)it was too hot for the guy to stay alive in the van for long and b) sweaters are big sellers in July.
I picked up 4 potential yarn garments as I searched but on a closer secondary examination, I really hated on of them, another was WAY overpriced, and the third was silk, but was stiff and a little abrasive. Not to mention it was apple red. Not many people want something crocheted from apple red silk, know what I mean? So those three didn't make the cut and the son that came in shopping with me got the delightful chore of putting them back. Because I am .. well... ME, he had to put them back where I got them from and I am sure it's left him with a special hatred of shopping with Mom.

BUT the sweater I brought home was well worth it, especially since it was a half price item. Hooray! It was a total of $2.49, 97% rabbit angora with 3% nylon and it is the softest, squishiest, most touchable yarn ever. I petted it all the way home. More while I was ripping the seams. And even more so while winding it into a hank to wash. Being a lace weight, it was a $@^*! to unravel ad I created at least 10 knots that weren't necessary before I tugged that one last bit. Tonight I washed and dried it and it's sitting on a fan in the open window of the office upstairs to banish the last of the moisture.

I've already made it into a head scarf for a friend. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I'm nuts to make a wool headscarf for someone in the summer. But it's light weight and soooooo soft and squishy, it's not bad at all. No pick of the scarf yet, but here is a pic of the yarn.
Forgive the dark picture, it was 11 pm.

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