Friday, March 20, 2009

Such Faith!

My dearest friend K (we'll leave it at an initial. Is for fun) has such faith in me that she looks past my obvious faults and failings. She called tonight to tell em of my dream job - a position opened up in Ravelry. I could die and go to heaven if I worked there! K nearly had me convinced that I could qualify, but then I went to the site and read the requirements. Maybe I'll be more positive if I take it step by step.

Alright, I could answer emails. I am a mod on a couple of boards and I was a receptionist at an ISP for a while.

Hooking up designers and teams to profiles... if someone told me what that meant I could probably do it. Directing them to help... I think I could do that too.

Assist with invite issues YES I could do that!OK, looking better.

Ravelry work forums... I have no idea how to navigate those. They confuse the bejesus out of me. I'd rather deal with a knot in my mohair.

Ad feedback and competitors, check. I am fair to certain I cold do that!

I can feel the tone, but I am not familiar with much more than the pattern search function.

I can work on my own or with a team! Woohoo, one more plus!

I even have the cute dog. Two of them! Three, soon.

Sigh. Oh, how I wish I could apply for that job. But sadly, my skills are leaning more toward "Why are you wasting our time you sucky non tech savvy dweeb?" and further from "Dude! Why didn't you write to us sooner!"

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Anonymous said...

You should totally apply!! Why not you are already at no & if you don't apply you will never know if it could've been a yes!