Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to work!

I started crocheting with my lace-weight wool. It's such a pretty varigated purple that I would normally have used it long ago.... I'm confessing, I love it, but I was afraid of getting more headaches the way I did last time I worked with lace weight. Such tiny work, small hook, itty bitty stitches. I took into account that I had been wearing ill fitting contacts at the previous attempt, so I mustered up my courage and started working with it.

It sucked. I mean, the wool was great, I couldn't get anything to come out right. I was forcing myself to not think about the house or the upcoming surgery on my middle son, so I didn't give up. The day of his surgery, I got sick. No, really, I was fine, then the night before I got a tickle in my throat and BAM woke up sick as a dog.Which is funny to me since my dogs are almost never sick. I used the lace work to keep me from being bored out of my skull while ill.

We got a call that we are not moving into our house this month. It was a 14 day delay, then 18, now we are waiting 35 days to move in. I am getting back to my crochet, there is no way I'm putting it all on hold that long. So you can consider this post the first of many between now and the new house.

Speaking of crochet, I bet you are wondering what I made with the tiny hook and lace weight wool. Admit it, you want to know. Well, it was like this~ I saw a pair of fingerless gloves that I kept coming back to even though I couldn't afford them. I pouted each time and checked to make sure no money had magically appeared in my account or wallet. Nope. So I consoled myself that there was no way that pattern would fit my giant mitts.
Then I realized HEY STUPID, you're a freakin' veteran hooker! I've crocheted for 18 and a half years, I've made countless patterns on my own. Why couldn't I come up with my own fingerless glove pattern that would be sure to fit my manly size hands?
It was simple (like me) and I love them. I made a gauge swatch in a pattern of 5dc shells and sc, then counted out my foundation ch and began my very own gloves.
They fit well, but one was a slightly tighter tension because it was the second glove and I was more confident then. I was thinking of felting them just a touch to shrink them up to fit a little better, but I am reluctant to screw with all that lace work.
In the end, I am ok with the sore fingertips and strained eyes, it was worth it.

I want to apologize for only one glove in the picture, but I do have two hands and one of them needs to be on the camera. So, no apology to you. I did good to not wash it out or blur it by breathing.

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