Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My husband bought me a sewing machine!!
Totally girly I know, but I am surprised and excited. My kids have killed my sewing machines.

I had a Brother machine that needed repaired, but the part and installation was going to cost more than the machine itself so I stored it. I got a cheap Kenmore thing that it weak and slow and VERY basic. It lasted me a long time. then the kids got it. They used my good shears to cut the cord from the pedal (it was unplugged, don't worry!) and that was repaired but the most recent is irreparable. They snapped the spindle that holds the thread. It was only broken at first, so I put it back and rigged it so it would stay... but then they snapped it off again and lost it. Do you understand how much it pains me to see a simple and inexpensive to be sure, but perfectly good machine just sitting there. Unable to use it for the silliest reason of nowhere to hold the thread?
The Kenmore, while still in use, needed the case that I was storing the broken Brother in, so the poor broken thing was left out to collect dust. The kids found it. They removed the case around the bobbin, then the bobbin, then some moving part from the inner workings. Lost. Gone. No fixing "gone".
I have a serger that I was certain I was told could be used with one needle, to sew in a pinch. I think that serger hates me. I have read the manual and watched the video and no matter what I do, it snarls up or stops working altogether. It hates me.
For a while now I have been complaining because I see projects EVERYWHERE that I can't finish. Some I couldn't even begin. Baby needs new soft shoes, husband has two pair of ripped pants, middle son needs a hole in a shirt sewn before he makes it big enough to be a second neck hole. My kitchen curtains needed hung for privacy so they have gone up on the rod with nothing but a hand-done stay stitch. I could use a new skirt... the baby could use some new diapers. All the thing I couldn't do because I had no sewing machine. It was driving me batty.
I must have been pulling my hair out often enough for my husband to notice because he showed up yesterday with a sewing machine. The sewing machine I wanted! it was refurbished, but since I only sew for our family and not as a business, then that's peachy with me. it's so good to have a working machine again!!!
He's bought me flowers (seriously rare of him) and a sewing machine. And a house, not to forget our nearly-home. Just waiting on the escrow to close.
So he sits on the couch after I get over the squealing and hugging phase of the surprise and says " So, I suppose you're wondering what I did...."

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