Thursday, February 12, 2009

Box-of-Chocolates Cake

I don't celebrate Valentines Day, but I do love to make heart & love stuff. Like, really love to make it. I do this kind of thing all the time and February is a great time of year to collect ideas and recipes for indulging my little obsession the rest of the year.

Since today was a very special day, I made this cake for my husband. Just a reminder of how glad I am that we met that day and how wonderful my life with him has been. I don't know why it does that half-picture thing, but if you click on it you can see the whole cake.

Today turned out to be memorable again - in 2001 I met the man I would spend the rest of my life with and in 2009 I got a call from my mortgage broker with the news that we are approved for the USDA loan we applied for!!!! We're buying a home!!!! If my mom is reading this, I mean to call you tomorrow. If she's not, then PFFFFT, why aren't you reading my blog, Mom? Neglect, pure and simple.

OH, yeah, back to the cake. I got it round-about. I was giggling at Cake Wrecks blog and found a recipe on a blog mentioned there, Bakerella. ZOMG she's awesome. Her cake looks so cool, mine is nowhere near that good. In my defense, I was letting kids help and I am not experienced with fondant.


MikeyBear said...

Well, I think it's great! By the way, who's your photographer? He's awesome!!

Love you!

Melanie said...

He's good with a camera and cute as well!

Becky said...

Pfft? Really? As if I wouldn't read it....Woohoo! *happy dancin'* Oh, and thanks for the trip down memory lane. I think of you every time I pass a Thai restraunt.I kind of like the camera guy too; think we'll keep him.!Love y'all