Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update time

So, I'm still sick as a dog. My dogs never seem sick (other than that one time... shudder) Funny enough, I was thinking of that particular time last night. I was getting my nightly Migraine from Hell and I thought to myself " I wonder if it's a sign of how low I've come that I am tempted to take the dog's anti-nausea meds?"
Mike says "Yes, yes it is. Leave them alone."

Oh. I think I may have thought my thought aloud. Whoopsie. That would be a side of myself I just adore people peeking at. I should have remembered from my hospital visits that I talk while in pain.

My list of complaints -
both extremes in the poo department
coughing, hacking, sneezing
ears clogged
ears draining each night in an itchy, insane way
feet and hands swollen each night and each morning
rash. How could I forget the rash that makes me scratch private places in public places. Sure, my arms and belly aren't too bad, but who decided the patch of skin between my boobs was a good place for an itch?
followed by fatigue and sleepiness

The upside-
I'm losing weight (face it, if you've seen me you know this is a good thing)
I have no energy to yell, which makes the kids and husband happy, and saves my throat. It's already damaged from the perpetual coughing.
I can feel 8.5 of my toes again.
My clothing and shoes are getting nearly no wear and tear put on them.
my brain still works.
I found a neat reaction to share with the kids when I take my cough medicine. full body shudders and a face that could make strangers use me as an example to their kids of how "it got stuck that way".
My brother-in-law just said "hey, do that again" giggle. Riiiiiight.

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