Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some things I have made recently

Why? Because I can. The pink bag-thing
is actually an Apple Cozy by Kirsten TenDyke. You know, to protect the fruit. It comes in pear and banana as well, but we didn't need that as much so I just made the apple pattern. So fast and easy!
See? Apples go in it.

This (below) is a little scrubby I made for my kitchen. I was pondering the unused Red Heart yarn just lying around because I found it too rough to use for much, when it hit me. Scrubby! Soft enough to not abrade my hands like the sponges with a scrubbing side, I could throw it in the washer and dryer if it started to smell (I abhor dirty sponge stink on my skin)So I made up two disks and attached them all around and through the center. Simple as falling down. Here is the cutey:

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It really worked, I loved it. It even withstood the washer and dryer... a little fuzzier and softer coming out than going in, but still a tough worker. I have more yarn just begging to be used. "Use me, use me! it cries. It's needy.

Next comes my coasters. I just got a coffee table. Admittedly, it's no source of pride, but I never had one living on my own and then I had three kids. After many tears and much blood, we came to the conclusion that coffee tables were not for us. Now, however, my youngest can walk and is in no immediate danger of putting an eye out so we jumped on getting a table for the big empty space in our living room. Then came smudges, hand prints, stuff getting shoved under it and worst of all... gasp... water rings. I know it's not crochet, my dear, but it involves yarn and I made it as a project, so it qualifies. 4 plastic canvas squares each with a different design. I love eggplants (who knows why, I'm weird that way) so that was #1. I loved it so much that I made an ear of corn on #2 as a tribute to the last time I had a table... in Nebraska. Get it? Now that I was back in Oregon, home sweet home, I made #3 a mountain range. It sucked. So I asked my oldest child for inspiration for #4, thinking that if I lost my muse, it might have been transferred to my firstborn son.
Nope. Take a look at that thing. WTH is it you ask. I think it's the sun and a cloud and a bird. He is a very type A child and he dictated every move of my needle. It's all his fault. Not mine. I rock.
Here is a completely out of order picture of the coaster on said smudgy coffee table.

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The Random Stripes blanket is coming along nicely. I think I'll love it for life. I'm naming it Rupert. Well, maybe not. But I love it enough to give it a name should I have kept it.

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