Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guess What I'm Making

So this is my first official blog entry here. I feel as though I should be saying something world changing, some bit of wisdom or experience that would rival Confucius for the ability to make people say "OHhhh" and nod their heads with sudden insight.
Oh well, most of them are faking it. Outwardly understanding deep wisdom, inwardly yelling "WHO talks like that?! No one really understands schtuff like that. Nevermind, nod and go with it, it'll make you look smart."
OK, so I think I tangented... if that's a word. Back to the main subject.... YARN. And what I do to it. Ah, bad... with it? I do yarny stuff. With hooky things. I'm a hooker. I'm going about this badly, I think. I'll move on and forget I said any of this. What?

Been hooking for 18 years. Wow, does that make a chic feel old. I love it so, yarn and crochet have occupied a good deal of my free time. When I have it. Dude, I have kids. A passel. Free time is a mini pink unicorn that grants wishes. It's drinking coffee while it's hot. It's a bubble bath with rose petals and soft music. Chocolate without calories, just because I'm a nice person.

I'm doing it again, aren't I?

Right now, I am making a couple of really nice throws, full size. They are so much fun! I have only made a few blankets in my time (eh? did you mention age again, Mabel?... Oh, fudge, I don't care if YOU get it. I do... my dad would. Just repeat this: "it is funny, I laugh. hahahaha" til it feels ok again.) The first blanket is a mystery. Why? I was asked to make two, the second blanket being a very lovely choice of blue, carmel, and chocolate. I say carmel and chocolate because they sound yummy and I'm fat. I mean I love sweets. Blue is still blue because, well, I can't think of a yummy blue dessert.
Ah, tangent, we meet for the last time again.
So, very pretty colors in a stripe. Stripes are somewhat boring when laid out evenly no matter how much I love equality and even numbers. Or odd numbers evenly. One of my favorite blogs, Sharing the Moment, is by a talented and amazingly efficient woman. I can't do half of what she does in a week. She impresses me. She was designing a Soft Waves Afghan and used a Stripe Generator to make the colors come out beautifully. I used it too, why not (zoidberg). I love it! I got about 5 inches of the ghan done and my DH says "you need to start another throw, that one should be a scarf for me." Well, I now know what to make for him as a gift and I know the ghan is a hit with at least two people. I'm the other one, me. Hi.

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The second afghan, as I said, was a mystery. Yeah, I bet you were wondering when I would come back to that! The colors were undecided and when I asked for a hint as to the look she wanted, I got "surprise me!" My darling husband suggested I say BOO, now what do you want? But I for one was intrigued with the idea of cart blanche on this project.
I found a lovely deep teal heather yarn that will go very well with the described decor, now I needed to find the right pattern to suit the yarn. This shows the color well, but also displays my mad skilz at ruining the beauty of photography. My apologies.

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nice huh? It'll look nice when I get it put together, at any rate. SOOO very many pretty patterns out there and so many hideous flower-strewn uggo 'ghans. Please don't hate me for that, I just have very specific tastes as far as patterns go. I judge no soul for their love of the ugly. I searched and compared and discarded ideas til I found the lovely Spring Breeze afghan square that looked perfect with my teal yarn. I got started right away since I can't STAND leaving yarn untouched. Which did I do first? Technically, I started on the teal, but I have been doing both in turns. Stop, it's not unhealthy in the least.
I have a really fun project coming up that will keep me busy for weeks, pictures to accompany. Not a bad time to start blogging, right?


Stitchblade said...

YEA! Now i get to peep in on you!

Joleen said...

so which one is for me? 'cause. i like the teal.

Stitchblade said...

OK now I have something for you...

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