Monday, April 25, 2011

Toe Up Toe Socks for my mules

I adore shoes. I never used to but as I got older I fell a little more in love with shoes each year and now I have a gorgeous collection of high heels and cute shoes that get comments.
As much as I love shoes, I prefer to be barefoot. Confusing, I know. Look at it this way - if I HAVE to wear shoes then they need to be cute, interesting, sexy. I bought a pair of mules as a nod to warmer-but-not-warm-yet weather and after wearing them a few times I remembered why I pass them up so often. Being half open, half enclosed little bits of dust and grit get flipped in and I hate that. I would wear sock, but socks+mules=NO NO. Ugh, how tacky!
Last night I finished up a pair of toe socks to solve the problem. They're exactly what they sound like, the toes only of socks. Since I was still enamored of the eggplant colored Pima lace thread, I made my toe socks from that.

I measured where I wanted them to end on my foot and came up with a length of 4 inches. Then I measured around my arch where I wanted the cuff. Easy peasy from here on out!

this is going to be my first picture tutorial, go easy on me.
First, make a chain for 2 inches. this is worsted weight yarn and a G hook, so 2 inches = 8 chain.

Chain 1 (this is the turning chain) SC in the second chain from hook across. That's 8 sc so far...

make 2 more sc in the last sc (this is an increase as well as shaping) sc across the opposite side of the chain as well, 3 sc in the same chain as the first sc. Don't Join!

Place a marker in the center sc of the 3 on the end, I recommend a different color for each end so you can tell which is the beginning.

Repeat the increase row until it reaches your arch measurement.

Sc in each sc around without joining or increasing til it reaches the length you desire, keep markers in place. If you want an edging then stop 1 inch BEFORE the desired length and make the last inch in a different edge.
finish off!
Here is a sc rib edging

a FPDC edging

and a shell edging

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