Saturday, September 4, 2010

I forgot to post pictures of the spats pattern I was trying to make

Here we are again at a familiar place... me, apologizing for my absentmindedly forgetting to post a picture of a project I promise to share with the two people that actually read my blog.
Here are the spats~

Since I made the boys each a unique pair of knit fingerless gloves, of course they lost them in the first day and a half. I managed to scrounge up one pair and Mick, the darling, agreed to model for me. These are actually Mase's pair, but he is about as manageable in front of a lens as an ... um... unmanageable thing. Sorry, my brain keeps different hours than my body and that was the cleverest thing it could come up with on it's own.

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Donna said...

Love the spats!! Your work is just wonderful, Mel! I need to make a knit version. I have made wrist toppers and boot toppers before, but didn't know what a spat was! ;)

The boys are also lucky to have a momma who loves them so much!

Happy fall and happy crocheting!