Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer crochet is difficult

I find it hard to crochet in the summer. Sitting in one place in the heat is uncomfortable, but I can tolerate it.. I can even handle the extra layer of warmth from the yarn I work with. My problem is that projects for summer are hard to find. Clothing is an option, but unless you want a short skirt or cami/tank that you have to wear a slip or undershirt with, you are severely limited. By 'you' I mean me, of course.
I find myself turning to baby projects. They are simple most times, fast and lightweight and so cute that people can't help but buy them. Then babies outgrow clothing quickly enough that there is always a market.
I love that fall is only a few weeks away. I like making scarves and socks and shawls... oh my. Yes, yes I had to. Hats and mittens and fingerless gloves. Don't forget that fall and winter are prime gift-giving seasons! I love the colors and variety of patterns. Right now I am working on a BUNCH of baby booties and hoping that they will be well received.
Still wading my way through the sweaters I got from my mom, we had a mishap with the silk cobweb lace and I am still refusing to accept that it's lost to me. Knots get tired, then they can get UNtied!!! Right? Sniffle. Good things come with the fall, my favorite season, and I am more than ready!! Bring on the cool weather!

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