Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh, yarny Bliss! Sweaters be thy name.

I learned to crochet at 10. My step dad's step mom taught me, trying to use it as a way to get to know me I guess. My mom tried to teach me to knit and I was horrible at it, but I knew love at first chain with crochet.
I crocheted non stop from then on and my mom dusted off her old crochet skills to join me. I started selling what I had made and all was good. I then moved on to reclaimed yarn. From there I reclaimed my own. New obsessions are wonderous, are they not?
I taught my mom to reclaim. The first sweater made her swear and huff, and eventually throw it at me.. I mean to me, to finish up. The second sweater, ho ho, that was different entirely. She now fell in love with it as I had.
Bad thing.
Now, a year later, she has a huge overflow of sweaters and yarn. My stepdad is trying to get her to get rid of it and my poor besotted mom can't face giving up the comfly fuzzy yarn she worked so hard on or the washed, stacked sweaters she sees so much potential in. The next best thing to keep it is to give it to me.
I'm smiling like a moron. Really. I was giddy and bouncy and practically swooning in the yarny heaven of choosing what to take home. out of all that was offered me, I said no thanks only once. And even then it was hard. Melanie's Closet on Hyena Cart is paid and ready to stock, I have cards in the mail to me, a business phone number, and now I have enough yarn to keep me afloat for a year.
Things are really coming together for me. I am so happy!


Donna said...

You go girl!! I am on a mission myself and love catching a ride on your wave of enthusiasm. You make me smile just knowing you are out there doing your thing and enjoying every fiber frolicking minute of it! :)



Anonymous said...

What's your mission? Glad my joy spilled over:) Your blog has inspired me more than once when I was sort of in the doldrums.