Thursday, January 28, 2010

Play mat update

It came along nicely for the first 6 inches or so, but then I noticed a flaw in my pattern- namely, I had overlapped the same skein of yarn. I was using the same color in two sections simultaneously but hadn't planned ahead for it. I had to cut the thread and then wind off a bunch. It ruined the smooth flow I and since I lost that flow, I started crossing threads and screwed it all up. Every so often I got frustrated and had to put it down, but I persevered and I am proud to say it's about half finished. My oldest son is personally invested because he helped me design the mat and he has been sure to check up on me repeatedly. i wish I had chosen a lighter shade of dark blue, but I can't change it now and who knows, the kids might not mind.

I'll take a picture tomorrow if I can find my camera... I love how creative my kids are, how artistic, but I H.A.T.E. how they love to sneak off with my camera and take pictures. I love those pictures, I hate losing my camera and hate the chance of it breaking, but I can't be mad at them, understand. I really love the surprise when I look through my pictures and see our live from a child's angle. Might be the best photography I've seen, and my stepmom is a talented photographer. In fact, my avatar, the picture of the hand? It was taken by my stepmom, but she let my oldest boy call all the shots; angle, lighting, subject, all of it. He sees something I don't when he looks through the lens.
Anyway, when and if I find my magically missing camera, I'll take a picture of the mat as well as a small side job I did in embroidery. A friend found a picture of a piece of cloth embroidered with blue lines and a red margin, black thread in 'cursive' on it and she fell in love. had to have it. So... of course I made it. I haven't told her I did, it's a surprise, but I don't think she even knows I HAVE a blog, so it won't spoil anything for you all to see, will it? I finished a 4T cardigan as well made in very lovely purples.

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