Friday, January 15, 2010

back in the saddle

I've gotten so spoiled using other people's patterns that I nearly forgot how hard it is to write the darned things myself. I used to use my own exclusively but then I got entranced with the ingenuity and creativity I saw from other writers.
I have plans to make two projects and keep the patterns for later use. First, I want to make a play-mat for the boys. they love that sort of thing and it's really hard to find in crochet.

I'm going to make it with~
*a train track
*tarmac roads
*a lake
*surroundings with green and brown as grass and dirt.
*I'm also going to make a few little things to go with it, like vehicles, buildings and animals.

Graph paper is definitely in order for that one! Any suggestions are welcome.

Secondly, I want to make a vest for myself. Finding a vest pattern that isn't a spiderweb or a big blocky thing from the 70's or 80's is difficult enough, but a cute vest in my size is nearly impossible. I did find a few, but they're not really my style. I have a short waist and a large bust as well as a large rear, so the long vests are not exactly flattering.

I am looking to make a pattern that has~

*narrow straps (not spaghetti strap, but I would like to avoid the big wide shouldered 'sleeveless' look)
*a deep V neck that covers my belly button, but not that covers to my collarbones
*large arm openings so that there isn't any uncomfortable rubbing or conversely, tight arm seams that restrict movement
*a waist that falls naturally on my own with a hem that ends at mid hip.

Right now I have a couple of projects to send out, but I'll be updating daily from rough drafts, to the WIP, to the finished object.

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