Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mini purse swap, here I come!

I am getting started on a project for a swap group I joined on Ravelry. Shocker, ME doing a swap. Hahaha.
The Mini Purse Swap is going to be so much fun! I have a ton of reclaimed yarn I want to use and so many cute patterns out there. The only problem is that the person I am sending to has a severe cat allergy.... and I got two cats over the summer. She says as long as I don't crochet a purse for her from cat dander and hairballs, I should be ok. LMAO, all righty then, time to get started! It needs to be sent by December 4th, so I have plenty of time. I did mention I am fast, right?
I'm thinking of making a variation of bag no. 2793 from Free Vintage Crochet. It could be so cute and since my partner likes bright colors, I am going to make it a felted red lambswool with some contrasting color. I was thinking black, but the only black I have is in cotton. Might have to rethink it.

I'm going to love making this and buying stuffin's to put inside, too.
When that is done I have half a sleeve for a green cotton gauntlet to finish and then I want to start on that crossword puzzle purse for my Nanny. OH, and a purse for a dear friend, as well.

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