Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hats are the thing

Fall has been over in our neck of the woods since October 2nd, and winter was making itself felt. Poor Winter must have felt ignored because there was a snow fall yesterday and today that really illustrates how 'fall' is an apt description. The dogs were out for a few hours and I panicked when I stepped outside to call them in and couldn't see them in the snow. They did finally hear me calling and startled me because I was looking for them to come running, not pop out of the piles of snow directly in front of me.
Today Mike needed to go to the bank and then check the mail... of course we needed snow chains. Ahh, the habits of winter. Getting bundled up to go outside, putting on chains to check the mail, Keeping the dogs in the house for the greater part of the day to avoid frostbitten pads.
In keeping with the weather, the next thing on my list of projects - HATS. Amazing how much a little boy's noggin can grow over the summer. I don't have a pattern picked out for those three quite yet. Mike needs a new driving hat, too, since that 30 miles drive to work can get COLD. I think I have a good pattern in mind for him. Of course I';; have to adjust the dimesions a smidge, but the Boy's Crochet hat from Coats and Clark is good and simple, but cool looking.
I've already started on a new hat for myself last night, the crocheted version of the koolhaas. It's called the Diamond Ridges hat and while it was a little hard getting the first 7 rows right, the rest is easy as could be and I should be done today if the kids and pets can stop needing me desperately for an hour or so.

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