Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ravelry Swaps

As a member of Ravelry, I've been a bit of a slacker. I didn't take easily to the way the forums and groups were set up and I never made much effort. When I finally did devout a little time to it, I found a few groups I am really loving.

I joined the Traveling Creature Laboratory and then once all the details were worked out in regards to shipping and send-off dates, of course I had a snag in Paypal. It took me a week longer than it was supposed to for me to send the body off, but I did it! I am so excited to get a body in the mail so I can add a head.

The other I have recently joined was French Press Cozy swap. I made a cozy tonight but I am not really pleased with it. I'm starting another and crossing my fingers that it has a little more UMPH than the lack-luster first cozy.

My Paradise Skirt didn't make it. I got about 8 inches into it and ran out of cotton. Too bad about that, it was really a lovely pattern but I didn't have any cotton that would look good with the salmon color. I think I'll make one in a thicker yarn for the fall, I was given a bunch (and by that I mean two giant black garbage bags full) of acrylics. I think that they would work beautifully for a skirt or even dress for the cooler weather.

The salmon cotton has begun a new life as a light top instead. It's a create-as-I-go pattern, starting with a raglan style neck, ruffled short sleeve, and a shell pattern down the body. I'm using a smaller hook and though it looks nicer with a C hook instead of an F, I am worried I might have too little yarn again.

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