Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm back from the Void

We've unpack about half of our stuff and I have my hooks and yarn on hand again. What? A girl has to have her priorities straight. Coffee, clothing, internet, yarn.
I hit the Humane Society again while mom was here because they are awesome. Sadly, since it's hot weather they didn't have much in the way of wool sweaters out on the racks. I did, however, snag a salmon colored cotton. More orange than pink in this case, but nice. On a subsequent visit to the same store, Elizabeth looked at shiny pants and kept a watchful eye on the creepy partially shaved cowboy mannequin head whine I went scouring the men's section for potential yarn. Came up with a soft, lovely wheat colored cotton. There IS a lack of wool and I consoled myself with the two sweaters I have hidden away for just this reason.
Right now I am making the salmon cotton into the Paradise Skirt. It's simple and easy so far, a lovely pattern. It actually has my size! I'm only one full row of pineapple pattern into it but it think it'll be fun. I like the hem-up style more than I thought I would. (my size usually makes it difficult to get the right measurements if I don't work the waist first)I think I'll make mine just below the knee instead of ankle length.

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