Friday, December 12, 2008

Tell me about the bunnies George.

I was searching the web for a realistic looking rabbit pattern - sad lack of them, by the way - and I found a simple and cuddly looking bunny pattern with no features. I thought 'aw, cute' and then moved on. It kept popping up on different site and links and I finally realized, wait, this says it was made from a square? What?
NOW I was intrigued. A round bunny from a square.. I set to work.

2 hours and many many abortive attempts later, I remembered I was bad at knitting. So I crocheted the square instead and followed the diagram. It's so stinking cute! as long as you don't turn it upside down. From underneath it manages to look a lot like... well. Uh, hrmph. You understand, right?



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Melanie said...

Apparently, I'm wrong and this is not a bunny. I've never seen an armadillo myself, not in person anyway, but I am told I made one.
A pink, fluffy tailed, long eared armadillo.