Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Curse of the Hidden Camera

My children believe in torture and they administer it by stealing my camera on a frequent basis. I think it's a curse. No matter where I put it, they find it. If I put it somewhere really hard to find, I forget what I did with it.
I had it in the afternoon, took some bad pictures and set it next to my computer. By evening, I was pulling the house apart looking for it. It's BRIGHT RED. I thought hey, that's a color that's easy to see when looking through a jumble of things&stuff for my Amazing Migrating Camera. Nope.
I've found a rolling pin cover and pasty cloth set, a tomato slicer ( I had to look it up to learn what it really was) several keys, my lost G hook and the dog collar and leash that has been in Poof-It's-Gone Land since the beginning of spring. But no camera.
It's a cheapy as far as digital cameras go, only $90. But we don't HAVE $90 to lose! To add a little extra something to the general suckiness, we got our replacement cards for the camera and camera phone in the mail today. The only thing that left our house was the garbage, it went out hours before I realized the camera was missing so I am crossing all of my crossables that it's not been deposited in there by a misguided but well meaning 14 month old boy.
I have wished to take pictures of the two afghans I made, Rupert and his sister, the Spring Breeze 'ghan. I made a sweater, skirt, two hats and half finished pair of mittens for a little girl and they are sitting on my table begging me to take a picture. I made two sets of potholders and trivets, too.... I never thought I would be so crazy over it, but I am. WHERE IS MY CAMERA!?!?!?

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Anonymous said...

Oh No!!! I hope you have found it