Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cough Syrup recipe results!


I tried the Cough Syrup recipe and the kids approve. Smelled so yummy being made... like a Christmas dinner.

FLAVOR: Personally, I had trouble with the honey and onion combo being cold. Oddly, when it was warm I could think of it like a really great glazed ham with onions and veggies and I could be ok with it. Cold was harder on me. The kids didn't blink an eye, they thought it was great... especially the youngest who hate hate hates cough syrup.

EFFECTIVENESS: Very good. The kids coughing almost disappeared after using it for a day (every 3-4 hours)and since there was no fuss over the flavor, I didn't have to coax or cajole. Using it myself, once I got past the intense onion it was great. I added ginger root and cloves which is why there is such a dark color to it. Ginger never fails to make me feel better and I love the numbing cloves bring. In the syrup, the ginger was warming, the honey soothing, and the cloves numbed it just enough. The onion smell/flavor wasn't too bad, but it lingered. In about 20 seconds the warm feeling spread and I lost the tickle in my throat. By the 3rd dose, the rattle in my chest was diminished as well and I slept well since I could breathe clear. I could get used to onion for that!

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