Monday, May 23, 2011

Crochet group in the making

I love crochet and knitting, I've done it for 21 years this summer. We're settled in the small town of La Pine and we have our own home, friends, congregation, and favorite events and businesses locally but I still don't have a crochet buddy here. I tried a knitting group but as nice as they were it wasn't a great fit for me, I had a friend in the next town over who knitted ... And then moved away. My mom and I have a knit/crochet night when we get together... Every three months or so. Sigh. I didn't even get to see her last time I made the trip to her area.
It seems awfully simple to just find a person or two and knit while talking, but it's not. Have you ever tried? There's no clear place to look for someone whose interests are the same

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