Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have been wanting a new project

It's not really new, it's more swiffer covers, but I didn't even realize how badly I wanted to get crocheting again. I haven't been able to for a while. Just... stuff.One thing after another happened and were big enough that I wasn't interested in crocheting at all.
Suddenly, out of the blue a friend admired a swiffer cover I made last year and blogged about and wants me to make her a bunch. Of course I will! She not only gave me something to make again, bless her heart, but then she overpaid me as well. Mike came home with the yarn last night. I was supposed to get it the night before that, but the kids were sick as dogs, poor things.
Tonight I'll make up the covers. I can't wait! I wonder to myself if I'll ever start up Melanie's closet as a store again... who knows. There is a regular crafts market in my little town, big Christmas fairs in the towns nearby, a freakin' wonderful Saturday market in Eugene and there's always Etsy and HyenaCart. I need to get serious about it.
I have such a list -
I have a gift to send to Lisa from Granola Chicks, another for Aubrey, also from Granola Chicks, almost done.
I need to send off Sophia's gauntlets and hat, been sitting here forever it seems, and then I need to make my cousin some new booties for her little girl since she outgrew the last pair.
Then I need to figure out what I'll be making to sell for spring and get my butt in gear!

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